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All over the world, unsold piles of textiles are piling up. Overstock products have become the biggest problem of textile industry. Let’s think about the energy consumption, raw material, human force spent on only one product and how it wasted.

Most brands produce clothes which are enough for all season in once by making predictions based on researches. However, at the end of seasons, all clothes are stored in the warehouses or burned in order to protect the brand name. Additionally, burning is the cheapest way to get rid of unsold clothes. More than a quarter of annual production is not sold.

Instead of throwing away excess products, buyers and brands should consider other options. For instance, they can sell them to other supplier or donate to charities by cutting their brand label when season is finished.

Although production on demand is not very common in the fashion industry, we believe that order-oriented production should be becoming widespread day by day cause to prevent textile waste.

ITA's future is designed and built on solving problems of the Textile Industry. We believe that World needs better understanding of the fashion and young entrepreneurs like us, should consider these important issues when creating their business plans. Let's get around with us while saving world and The Fashion.

- ITA Team

There was once said;

Fashion is What You're Offered Four Times a Year by Designers. And Style is What You Choose.”

– Lauren Hutton

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