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What is Istanbul Textile Agency?

The Story of ITA

Istanbul Textile Agency is a Turkey-based company established to change the rules of the game for a group of expert textile engineers who are evolving with the daily operations of the textile industry.


Istanbul Textile Agency non-woven, woven and other fabric types form the supply chain in direct and close relations with many factories.


We stand by our customers every step of the way. All of our services are protected by a customer protection guarantee and 100% transparent information sharing.


We do what we love by adding value to our customers.


The right solutions to improve your brand or business are at ITA.

What: Hakkımda
What: Hoş Geldiniz


With our respect for the environment and people, we offer high quality, innovative and efficient supply processes to our customers with  international standards by creating a mission which involves qualified workers to earn positive impressions from the public and to be trusted world wide.

Our goal is to be known and become leaders in the sector as a modern/contemporaneous textile agency.



  • Foundation of new business models in the global textile industry by funding technology and systems.

  • Providing the best customer experiences with time, price and high performance.

  • Providing 100% transparent and trustworthy service.

  • Creating sustainable supplier chains based on zero waste principle and operating them in eco-efficiency.

  • Reaching global brand status in Turkey export market with happiness of being partner in the commercial success of our customers.

  • Providing the best customer satisfaction thank to extraordinary working methods of our talented human resource, also known as ‘ Dream Team’.

  • Bringing commercial success at one point for everyone by considering the interest of internal and external collaborators.

Journey of Buying is complicated and sometimes unreliable. ITA knows what buyers' need and suppliers

Journey of Buying is complicated and sometimes unreliable. ITA knows what buyers' need and suppliers' demand.

So, ITA is a short cut to all solutions.




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